Get to Know Attorney Don Colburn: From Law School to Divorce Practice.

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About Don Colburn: An Accomplished Attorney with a Unique Personal Experience

Divorce is a difficult experience that affects the lives of many. It is especially challenging to go through it as a family member of a divorcee. Attorney Don Colburn is one of the few individuals who can understand the intricacies of both sides of a legal separation. This article aims to provide an in-depth profile of Attorney Don Colburn, including his background, accomplishments, and involvement in handling divorce cases.

Early Life and Education

Don Colburn was born and raised in Nebraska. His father was a well-regarded attorney who practiced law for over 50 years. Following in his father's footsteps, Don attended the University of Nebraska and later graduated from the law school.

Don's mother worked as a teacher and helped him develop a love for reading and learning. This passion for knowledge drove Don to excel academically. After graduating from law school, he decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona, to begin practicing law.

A Personal Divorce Experience

Don Colburn's parents had a long and strong marriage, which made it more challenging for him when they were going through a legal separation. The experience of being a family member of a divorcee impacted him significantly and has continued to shape his legal practice to this day.

He understands that divorce is a delicate and overwhelming matter, and couples going through it need support and guidance more than they would in other legal matters. Don provides compassion and empathy, along with expert legal advice, to ensure that his clients receive an effective resolution.

Career and Accomplishments

Don Colburn started his legal career in Phoenix, Arizona, where he worked for a law firm specializing in personal injury litigation. Later, he decided to open his law firm, and in 1995, he established Colburn Law PLLC, which focused on family law, including divorce, custody, support, and paternity. His academic achievements, ethical standards, and legal expertise have garnered him the trust and respect of his peers and clients.

Attorney Colburn is an active member of the Maricopa County Bar Association, Arizona State Bar, and the American Bar Association. He has served on several committees and boards throughout his career, including the State Bar of Arizona's Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct and the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education. Don has also presented legal seminars on various family law topics.

Noteworthy Cases and Contributions

Throughout his career, Don Colburn has handled numerous high-profile divorce cases. His discreet, confidential approach has won the trust and confidence of his clients. Some of the cases he has handled include:

Case 1: Property Division

Don represented a client who was going through a divorce involving a contested business. His approach focused on business valuation and asset division, ultimately leading to a successful resolution for his client.

Case 2: Custody Dispute

Don represented a client who was seeking custody of their children. He provided compassionate guidance and personal attention to his client, resulting in a successful outcome that was in the best interest of the children.

Case 3: Paternity Inquiry

A client requested Don's legal assistance in a surprisingly complex paternity inquiry. Don helped his clients navigate through the legal intricacies, and the case resulted in a fair settlement for his client.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Don's values extend beyond just his profession. He has made significant contributions to various charities and community organizations, such as The Arizona Foundation for Women and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Don is a regular volunteer in the local community and often dedicates his time and resources to organizing events and fundraisers.


Attorney Don Colburn is an accomplished lawyer with an impressive legal career that spans over two decades. He understands that divorce and family law are delicate and sensitive matters that require compassion, empathy, and legal expertise. Don has the unique perspective of having been a family member of a divorcee, and this has continued to impact his approach to his clients.

His legal experience and philanthropic contributions are testaments to his commitment to his clients and community. For anyone going through a divorce, Attorney Don Colburn is a reliable and trusted legal representative, capable of providing expert assistance and personal guidance.

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